Sunday, 2 October 2011

Self portraits are easy and convenient

Pull out the camera, turn it on, and set it to your favorite shooting mode. If that’s Auto mode, fine (I don’t recommend it, but that’s totally another subject.) If it’s Aperture Value (AV), perfect. If you like Program (P) mode the best, so be it. Do what you are comfortable with and SHOOT! [Remember: Don’t just pull it out and shoot. Check your settings and focal range if you are using a DSLR

Secure the camera in your hand and bring it up above your eye-level. Angling the camera a little above eye level will really help eliminate the appearance of any extra chins you may have. Oh and never (I mean NEVER) hold the camera below eye level. I can guarantee you will not like the result. [Note: You can place your camera on a tripod and use a remote shutter release. It's actually my preferred method for self portraits It’s the digital age, so shoot until your happy with the result. Bring one shoulder back, extend your neck a little, shift your eyes away from the camera, have fun being your very own super model. Try different backgrounds